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Lower Primary Scope & Sequence

Series 1

Title Big Idea Aims Verses Values
1 Creation God created the world and everything in it. This lesson aims to answer the big question ‘How did the world and everything in it get here?’ Genesis 1:1 and 37 Curiosity, Creativity, Faith, Wonder, Respect
2 Made in the Image of God Created in God’s own image, we’ve been handed the responsibility of caring for his creation. In this lesson we discover God made humans in his own image and gave them charge over the fish in the ocean, the birds in the sky, and every animal on the earth. Genesis 1: 26-28 Stewardship, Responsibility, Care, Respect
3 Choices God's perfect creation is spoiled by sin. This lesson aims to create awareness that God’s perfect creation has been spoiled by the consequences of sin. Genesis 3 Responsibility, Seeking truth
4 The Big Rescue Jesus is the only one who can rescue people from sin. Children will learn the sin problem cannot be fixed by the doctor, a lifesaver, the fire brigade or a church minister. It can only be fixed by God’s one and only son Jesus. John 3:16 Respect, Responsibility, Trusting God
5 Even the Wind and Waves Obey Him Jesus proved he was God when he did amazing miracles. This lesson introduces children to the concept that Jesus is powerful because he himself is God. Mark 4:35 Curiosity, Wonder, Faith in Jesus
6 Jesus is Powerful Magic tricks and illusions are very different to a miracle of God. Help the children understand that a miracle is something only God can do.
Reinforce that Jesus could do miracles because he is God.
Matthew 14:25 Authenticity, Trustworthiness
7 Jesus Gave Us Signs What did the signs reveal about Jesus? God’s power, Jesus is God. To explore the role and importance of signs in our community.
To help children understand when Jesus did miracles like feeding 5000 it was a sign to show us he is God.
John 1:18 Faith in Jesus, Authority, Character
8 Jesus: The Greatest Superhero Jesus died, was buried and came alive again. Our overarching aim is to present Jesus as the greatest superhero of all time because he died, was buried and came back to life again. Romans 6:9 Faith, Trust, Hope
9 Hot Cross Buns Easter is an important celebration on the Christian calendar. To help children make the connection between the Hot Cross Bun and the crucifixion (and resurrection) of Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 Knowledge, Faith in God, Trust
10 I Am the Good Shepherd The Lost Sheep was found by the Good Shepherd who did not stop looking for it. To explain what Jesus meant when he said 'I am the good shepherd'. John 10:14 Character, Trust, Care
11 Jesus is the Way Jesus is the only way to God. Reveal to children that Jesus said he is 'the way' to God. John 14:6 Discovery, Seeking truth, Trust
12 Light for the World Jesus is the light who makes God known to us. In this lesson we discover three reasons Jesus said ‘I am the light for the world’
1. He reveals God to us
2. Guides us in God’s right way to live
3. Gives life both now and forever
John 8:12 Care, Compassion, Authority, Discovery
13 The Prodigal Son 'The Prodigal Son' is a parable Jesus told to help us understand how much God loves us. The Bible tells us God's love is deep, wide, long and high, but is there a way to measure it? This lesson aims to find out. Ephesians 3:19, 1 John 4:16, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, Psalm 118:1 Compassion, Love, Responsibility, Joy
14 The Wise and Foolish Builders Jesus said it is wise to listen to his words and put them into practice. To explore the parable of ‘The Wise and Foolish Builders’ emphasising the main idea: Jesus said it’s smart (wise) to obey him. Matthew 7:24 Wisdom, Responsibility
15 Love Your Neighbour Jesus said ‘Love your Neighbour…’ We can put this into action through kindness. Jesus commands all who follow him to love their neighbours, but who exactly are they and what does it mean to love them? This lesson answers those questions through the retelling of the parable Good Samaritan and by exploring practical ways we can love our neighbour in the school setting. Matthew 22-39 Kindness, Care, Compassion, Empathy
16 God's Crew Anybody who follows Jesus belongs to God’s crew. In Matthew 4:19 we learn Jesus called out to four fisherman saying ‘Come follow me and I will show you how to fish for people!’ We'll discover who the fisherman were, why Jesus called them and what it means to 'fish for people'. Matthew 4:19 Commitment, Participation, Community
17 Kingdom of God and Kids God’s Kingdom welcomes children. In this lesson we discover God’s Kingdom is a family people belong to rather than a destination people travel to. Anybody is welcome including children. Matthew 19:14 Community, Inclusion, Love, Trusting Jesus
18 David: Chosen to be King God does not look at the outward appearance of people but instead looks at what is in their hearts. To discover why God chose David the shepherd boy to become king over his people. 1 Samuel 16:1-13 Integrity, Character
19 David and Goliath David had the courage to face Goliath because he trusted in the power of God. Learn about a shepherd boy named David who, with God’s help, defeated a giant named Goliath. Psalm 121:1-2 Courage, Trusting God
20 Prayer: Anytime Anywhere Prayer is talking and listening to God. Using the Bible as our reference point we answer questions children have about prayer. Jeremiah 33:3, 1 John 5:14, Psalm 46:10 Participation, Communication, Faith
21 Wow, Thanks, Sorry, Please (Part 1) We can use Wow, Thanks, Sorry and Please to help us pray To provide a beginner's guide to prayer. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Wonder, Gratitude, Participation
22 Wow, Thanks, Sorry, Please (Part 2) We can use 'Sorry' and 'Please' to help us pray. To provide a beginner's guide to prayer. 1 John 1:9, Timothy 2:1-2 Forgiveness, Responsibility, Accountability, Thoughtfulness
23 Praise the Lord! He is Good Praising God is a celebration and appreciation of who God is. When faced with big trouble King Jehoshaphat and his people chose to praise God instead of worrying. Today’s lesson emphasises praise as a way of celebrating and appreciating all God has done and for what he is going to do. Psalm 136 Trusting God, Peace
24 Do Not Worry Look at the birds and remember if your Heavenly Father takes care of them he will take care of you too. Encourage children to follow the advice of Jesus and look at our feathered friends. They are a reminder that we have a Heavenly Father who knows, cares and invites us to prayerfully trust him with everything. Matthew 6:26, Philippians 4:6 Peace, Appreciation, Curiosity, Trust in Jesus
25 Daniel in the Lion’s Den Daniel trusted God knowing he was truthful, strong and reliable. Define the concept of trust and discuss what makes something or someone trustworthy.
Retell the story 'Daniel in the Lion’s Den' with an emphasis on Daniel’s trust in God.
Isaiah 41:10 Trusting God, Excellence
26 Gideon God could see Gideon's true potential. God saw Gideon’s true potential, a ‘mighty hero’ who needed to trust that in his weakness God was strong. Judges 6:12 Courage, Trust in God, Potential
27 Jonah and the Whale God is loving, patient, merciful and kind. Retell the story of Jonah as a demonstration of the lengths God will go to rescue people. Jonah 4:2 Love, Patience, Mercy, Kindness, Trust in God
28 The Man with Leprosy Jesus showed us that compassion is a feeling plus an action. Jesus shows us who God is and what God is like. In this lesson we discover the compassionate heart of God the day Jesus meets the man with leprosy. Mark 1:41 Compassion, Care
29 Zacchaeus Jesus has the power to transform people's lives. This lesson explores the miraculous transformation that took place in the life of Zacchaeus the day he met Jesus. Luke 19:1-10 Transformation, Character, Observation, Responsibility
30 Christmas Cards At Christmas we send and receive Christmas cards to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This lesson explores the tradition of sending and receiving Christmas cards as a way of celebrating the birth of Jesus. Luke 2:14 Participation, Hope, Peace
31 Good News: It's Christmas Shepherds were the first to hear the Good News of Jesus’ birth. For students to appreciate that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ during the Christmas season.
To learn that a choir of Angels announced the birth of Jesus to shepherds.
Luke 2:10-11 Hope, Peace, Joy
32 The Wise Men Wise men visited Jesus bearing gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. We will discover the first known gifts given at Christmas were gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh given by wise men to Jesus. Matthew 2: 1-12 Community, Peace, Generosity
33 Jesus: Born to Rescue Jesus came to rescue people from the consequences of sin. Today we take a brief but punchy journey from creation to the cross highlighting the significance of Christ’s birth. John 3:16 Trust in God, Insight, Reflection, Meaning
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