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About Us

Who we are

Love Out Loud is a not-for-profit charity established to provide Christian video scripture lessons to children in Australian and New Zealand public schools, and beyond.

What we do

We create educational and entertaining christian videos that teach bible stories and valuable lessons through fun adventures!

Our goal

Our goal is to provide 520 video scripture lessons of 25 minutes duration, enough for 40 lessons per school grade Kinder to year 12.

Free for home use

All our content is available on our website, it is 100% free for home and churches use.

At Love Out Loud we want your kids to be the happiest, most successful and most loved kids in town. Our goal is that your kids will be filled with joy and peace but most importantly, filled with hope for a wonderful life.

Special Religious Education (SRE) is a ministry of the local churches. In NSW its provision is legislated in the NSW Education Act of 1990. Under an SRE program, only persons authorised by an approved religious persuasion are permitted to teach SRE.

Only the organisations listed here are approved to provide special religious education in public schools.

You can donate to Love Out Loud Oz on our website to ensure that we reach our goals:

  • To produce 520 video lessons (40 per year K-12)
  • Kids everywhere learn about God.
  • Kids everywhere are filled with hope for a beautiful life.
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